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Congratulations! Your student has been accepted to study abroad with Texas Lutheran University!

TLU faculty and staff are very aware that there are a number of concerns not only for students, but for families, related to studying in another country for an extended period of time. However, careful preparation during the pre-departure phase of study abroad makes for a more fulfilling experience.

The TLU International Education Office works to ensure that students' needs are met and that students can receive an academically rigorous experience abroad that is equivalent to the level of TLU. As students are preparing for their journey, they will be developing important planning and problem-solving skills often needed throughout life. Not only will they meet new friends, and see incredible sites, they will gain preparation of how incredibly large and beautiful the world we live in really is.

Benefits For Your Student

Academic Benefits

  • 87% of returning TLU students said study abroad influenced subsequent educational experiences
  • 80% reported an enhanced interest in academic study
  • 52% attained graduate degrees after studying abroad

Career Benefits

  • $6,500-$7,000: Amount more study abroad alumni earn, on average, in starting salaries, compared to recent U.S. college graduates from the general population
  • Nearly 90% of study abroad alumni found their first job within six months of graduation (compared with only 49% of students from the general college graduate population)
  • 84% of alumni felt that studying abroad helped them build valuable job skills, such as language proficiency, cultural training, tolerance for ambiguity, adaptability, and communication
  • 62% said that study abroad ignited interest in their career direction

* Sources: IES Abroad Alumnae/ i 50-Year Longitudinal Study and the 2012 IES Abroad Recent Graduate Study

Financial Information

We know that paying for college can be very expensive. We also know that the thought of paying for a study abroad experience sounds equally,  if not more, expensive. The cost to study abroad varies considerably from one program and location to the next. It also depends on each student's individual financial aid package. In short, this question is best answered during a one-on-one advising session with the student.

Please see the Financial Aid and Scholarships page for more detailed information on the financial resources and scholarships available to yours student. You can also refer to the Budgeting page. This page offers information about putting down deposits and billing information.

Passport & Visa Information

Are you worried about your student getting a passport? Don’t know where to start? No worries, we have a whole page dedicated to Passport and Visa Information.

Here are some tips to get you and your student started:

  • Apply as soon as possible. It can be a lengthy process.
  • Be sure your student is following the instructions exactly. This is very important. Their application could be delayed if instructions aren’t followed properly.
  • Make sure your student has budgeted for the cost of a new passport, a renewal, or a student visa.
  • If they are having a difficult time contacting the consulate, please let us know.

Health & Safety

The safety of your student is our highest priority. Each of our programs has well-trained staff and established safety protocols and procedures for crisis management. We choose to work with study abroad programs that are well-run and place a high priority on student safety.

Students will receive detailed pre-departure information during the two required pre-departure orientation sessions. They will also receive an extensive in-country orientation upon arrival to help them be knowledgeable and informed about how to conduct themselves successfully and safely while abroad. TLU’s policy restricts study abroad travel to countries currently under a State Department Travel Warning.

While in the host country, students will have access to on-site support staff for help in case of problems or emergencies. Staff members will also provide students with information to let them know about appropriate and safe behavior in the host culture. The student definitely has a responsibility for respecting the host culture and staying safe while abroad.

Some approved study abroad programs include health insurance as part of the program package so that students will be covered in case of an emergency. Information about the specific health insurance policy will be available from your student's study abroad program provider. TLU also provides medical insurance for all students studying abroad.

For more information, refer to the Health Information and Safety Tips pages. Here you will find detailed information about how to stay safe, aware, and healthy while abroad.

Contact Us 

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Director of International Education

Office: Tschoepe Hall 107
Phone: 830-372-8098

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