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Website Accessibility

TLU is committed to equal access for all, including on this website.

Digital Equity

Equity and inclusion are at the heart of Texas Lutheran University. We believe every user should be able to access our websites and digital properties.

As of summer 2020, TLU is in the process of developing a comprehensive website accessibility plan. Once deployed, this plan will ensure that all website visitors—including those with a disability and/or using adaptive technologies—can access all online content.

Our goal is to comply with Section 508 guidelines and achieve WCAG AA compliance.

Our Website Accessibility Focus (Summer 2020)

1. Documents in Text Based Formats

Sometimes, we add downloadable documents to this website—often in PDF format. But PDF documents are often not accessible to people who use adaptive technologies, such as screen readers.

Going forward, we will also add text-based formats of these documents. Using text-based formats (such as HTML or RTF) will allow all users to better find, download, and access this content.

2. HTML Tags for Images

Assistive technologies can read text on a website, but they cannot interpret images unless the images include an HTML tag. These HTML tags—also known as ALT tags—allow screen readers to tell the user what the image is.

3. Colors & Fonts

Our website has been designed to be viewable with the color and font-size settings the user has set within their web browser. Color alone will not be used to indicate information.

4. Videos

Any videos we add to the website will include captions.

5. Online Forms & Tables

We will ensure that all users can choose to submit online forms using only a keyboard or screen reading tool. Every form field will have a label. Tables will tie column and row headings to data to help users identify which headers go with which pieces of data.

6. Skip Navigation Link

We will provide a method that allows users to skip navigation or other elements that repeat on every page.

7. Submit Feedback Tool

If a user identifies an accessibility concern, we will offer a way to easily alert us. We will address their concerns as quickly as possible.

Submit Feedback About Website Accessibility

If you have a question, concern, or piece of online content that isn’t accessible, please let us know by clicking the button below. You will then be asked to fill out a form detailing the issue.

Submit Website Accessibility Issue to TLU