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Mission & Core Values

Our mission, core values, and vision for the future of TLU

Mission Statement

As a community of faith and learning, Texas Lutheran University empowers a diverse student body through an education centered on the liberal arts and professional programs. In pursuit of a more just world, TLU is committed to academic excellence, servant leadership, and career development.

Core Values

This mission is built on the core values of education, community, and faith, each linked directly to how we serve our students.

Education: In service to our students, we are committed to offering access and opportunity to pursue intellectual growth in an environment that fosters open dialogue and the freedom to share and discover diverse thoughts and ideas.

Community: In service to our students, we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment that emphasizes the respect of all of its members. Through our leadership and service, we seek to support justice and promote the common good.

Faith: In service to our students we are committed to operating at the intersection of faith and learning, which invites exploration and discovery through spiritual and educational growth, creating bold leaders who pursue lives of purpose and meaning.

Our mission and values lead us to a vision for the future.


Through innovative liberal arts and professional programs, Texas Lutheran University will engage the aspirations of our students in an inclusive, challenging, faith-based community. The impact of a TLU education will create bold and adaptable leaders who transform society.