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Tuition & Costs

2021-2022 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Tuition (Undergraduate)$16,175$32,350
Student Services Fee $210$420
Technology Fee $100$200

Residence Hall (Traditional room with roommate)

Meal Plan (Standard plan of 15 meals per week)$2,420$4,840
Books/Supplies (Estimate - will not appear on tuition bill)$500$1,000
Misc/Personal (Estimate - will not appear on tuition bill)$665$1,330
Transportation (Estimate - will not appear on tuition bill)$550$1,100

Tuition and Fees - The average cost of tuition and fees for a typical student based on enrolling for 30 hours per year (i.e., two semesters at 12-18 hours per semester). The actual costs that a student incurs may vary depending on the student's degree or certificate program.

Residence Hall Room and Meal Plan - An estimate of the cost of living in a traditional residence hall with a standard meal plan. See the Summary of Charges page for additional housing and meal plan options and cost information.

Books - The average cost of books is $500 per semester ($1000 per year). The cost varies based on the type and amount of classes taken during the semester. While books are an expense, they are NOT included on the student's bill.

Learn about TLU's scholarships and financial aid for first-year students.

Use Our Calculator to Estimate Your Cost of Attendance

Use our customized Net Price Calculator to help you and your family estimate your financial aid options at TLU. Make sure you complete the entire process to ensure the best possible results.

Net Price Calculator

2021-2022 Summary of Charges (Tuition, Fees, Room & Board)

TUITION AND FEESPer SemesterPer Year
Undergraduate Tuition (12-18 hours each semester)

Note: Under 12 or over 18 hours is $1,070 per hour

Graduate Tuition (Concurrent & Non-MA Education and direct entry block rate tuition for 12-18 hours)
Note: Hourly rate is $1,115 per hour
Graduate - Masters of Education

$500 per hour

ABSN (generally 15 hours/semester)$875 per hour

Alternative Teacher Certification Program

$355 per hour
Student Services Fee (applies to all students)$210$420
Technology Fee (applies to all students)$100$200

HOUSING COSTS Double Occupancy

(per semester)


(per semester)

Small Single

(per semester)

Centennial Hall$3,080$5,435N/A
Baldus & Clifton Halls$3,080$5,435$4,525

Trinity Hall (small)

Trinity Hall (large)$3,160$5,535N/A
Seguin Hall$2,725$4,770N/A
Knutson Hall$2,725$4,770$3,975

Hahn Hall



(per semester)


(per semester)


(per semester)

Brandes, Kramer, Lange, Steger

(efficiency apartments 3-8)

Brandes, Kramer, Lange, Steger

(super single rooms only, must purchase Meal Plan A or B)

Brandes, Kramer, Lange, Steger

(full apartments 1-2)

Linne, Renger, Strunk$2,725$4,775N/A
Bogisch, Glazener$2,150$4,300N/A
MEAL PLAN OPTIONS AND COSTSDining Dollars included with Meal Plan

(per semester)

Meal Plan Cost

(per semester)

Plan A: Carte Blanche$150$2,760
Plan B: 15 meals per week$150$2,420
Plan C: 12 meals per week$250$2,420
Plan D: 40 meals per semester$450$915

Students living in the residence halls must select among Meal Plans A, B, or C.

Students living in campus apartments may select among all four meal plans or may select no meal plan.

Students may change their selected meal plan without penalty during the first week of classes each semester, but no changes may be made to meal plans after TLU's drop/add date.

All meal plan changes must be made through the Meal Plan Change form located on MyTLU under the Residence Life forms tab.

Questions about residence halls or meal plans? Contact

Payment Options

Payments can be made on the student portal MyTLU (login required) and in-person at the Student Financial Services office, located in the Beck Center. TLU accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Option I: Payment in Full

Full payment is due by August 2 or a designated date for late registrants. After total financial aid is subtracted from charges, any remaining balance must be paid out-of-pocket if this option is being selected.

Option II: Payment Plan

Payment of the net balance after all proceeds from financial aid have been applied may be made in four installments per semester as outlined below:

Percent of Net Semester BalanceFall 2021Spring 2022
Payment 140%Aug. 2Jan. 3
Payment 220%Sep. 15Feb. 15
Payment 320%Oct. 15March 15
Payment 420%Nov. 15April 15

Monthly Payment Plan is subject to a $50 fee.

Option III: PLUS & Alternative Loans

PLUS Loans are available for parents of dependent students as well as graduate students. Alternative loans are available for students (including international and DACA students), parents, and some are available to other individuals willing to borrow for a student.

Special Fees

Special Fees
Audit a class (per semester hour)$100
Career Planning Registration (Pathway Pursuit)$25
Enrollment Deposit (for incoming students)$400
Housing Cancellation Fee$500
Installment/Payment Plan Fee$50
Late Registration$100
Late Registration for Summer$25
Late Payment Fee$50
Music Lesson Fees (one private lesson/week)$250/semester
Music Lesson Fees (two private lessons/week)$500/semester
Replacement ID Card$25
Scuba Diving/Dive Master Certification$300
Replacement Diploma$50
Transcript of Record (mailed copy)$7.25
Transcript of Record (digital copy)


Special fees are charged through the student's account and are refundable prior to the first day of class each semester.

2020-2021 Costs

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