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Music Degree Program

TLU is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music
Degree Options:
  • Major (BA)
  • Major (BM)
  • Minor
Jackson Auditorium Panoramic
Jackson Auditorium at the Weston Center for the Performing Arts

The inclusion of music in the liberal arts curriculum ensures that all students at Texas Lutheran University will have an opportunity to experience the vital role that music can play in their cultural, aesthetic, and religious lives.

The School of Music strives to stimulate growth in the appreciation of music among all members of the student body, and it provides professional training for those interested in a career in music. In addition, the School of Music contributes musically to the total life of the campus.

The School of Music offers programs leading to a bachelor of music with concentration in either music education, performance, or the bachelor of arts degree in music. The Bachelor of Music in All-Level Music Education degrees lead to teacher certification for public schools, grades K–12, in the state of Texas. Students not majoring in music may earn credit in band, choir, chamber orchestra and applied music for satisfying minimum degree requirements. A maximum of four semester hours in band, choir or chamber orchestra may be applied toward graduation. Additional credits earned would be in excess and not creditable toward degree requirements. Texas Lutheran University is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

School of Music Building
TLU School of Music Building at the Weston Center

The School of Music provides professional training to those who wish to pursue careers in music and music education. Students also have the opportunity to enhance their college experience by studying music either from the academic offerings or through ensemble participation (band, choir, orchestra) while pursuing a degree in another field. Students interested in music have several performance opportunities, including the annual Choir Tour and popular Christmas Vespers. In addition to the many options for receiving a Bachelor's degree in Music at TLU, there is opportunity to earn a Minor.

Minor in Music

23 hours, including MUSI 111, 112, 131, 132, 235; AMU_ 111p, 112p, 211p, 212p; two hours MUSI 114, 117 or 118 with enrollment each semester enrolled; six hours upper division music courses.

Supporting courses for Bachelor of Arts in Music

15 semester hours, including MUSI 375 or 376; three hours of either visual arts or dramatic media; nine hours to be determined in consultation with advisor.

Bachelor's Degrees in Music

Music Major Program Information

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Meet the Faculty

Eric Daub

Assoc. Professor, Director of Piano Studies, Music Theory

Scott McDonald

Director, TLU Jazz Band Instructor, Saxophone & Music Education, & Student Teaching Supervisor

Shareen Vader

Instructor, Music Education & Piano, CMA Director & Director Of Youth Choirs

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