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Social Sciences

Political Science Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science
Degree Options:
  • Major (BA)
  • Minor

The TLU political science degree program can equip you with the leadership skills necessary to excel in both the public and private sectors. Political science programs are dedicated to creating informed and proactive world citizens by teaching students to think critically and ethically about a host of issues, and by guiding them toward becoming reasoned decision makers. A political science major is also an excellent choice for any student wishing to pursue a career in law, politics, or academics.

Degree Specializations

Criminal Justice: The criminal justice track takes a broad view of the criminal justice system, the values, theories, and philosophies that shape its policies, the details of how the system works, and the injustice that too often occurs in the process. Students often begin their professional careers in law enforcement and in justice administration working with the courts and community corrections. Others opt for graduate studies and law school.

Liberal Arts: The liberal arts track considers the multitude of social forces that shape people’s lives. Topics such as race and ethnicity, the evolution of the modern family, and the dynamics of power and privilege offer students the opportunity to explore the social world and their place in it. Students move into a wide range of professional career tracks including social work, education, and business, with others opting for graduate studies.

Research: The research track concentrates on exploring the various methods used in sociological research, how both quantitative and qualitative data are collected, managed, and analyzed, and how research is used to inform public policy.

Students in the political science program also have access to a semester-long program at the American University in Washington, D.C. The Washington Semester Program gives students the opportunity to work alongside political journalists and policymakers via internships, participate in research projects, and attend seminars, lectures, and on-site meetings with the people running our country.

TLU’s Student Government Association is also an excellent way for students to gain experience in public service while on campus. Students in this organization have the opportunity to hold public office and participate in decision-making that affects the campus at large and their peers.

Why Political Science at TLU?

Major in Political Science for a Bachelor of Arts

Customize your bachelor’s degree in political science with a specialization in international politics, liberal arts, political research, pre-law, public policy and administration.

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