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Psychology Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology
Degree Options:
  • Major (BS)
  • Major (BA)
  • Minor

The Psychology Schools students present research at conferences, listen to special speakers, participate in internships, and work closely with other psychology majors and faculty in a host of contexts. Students gain a holistic viewpoint of psychology by taking coursework in five main areas: general psychology, measurement and methodology, basic processes, the person, and applied processes. The program’s emphasis of combining the empirical study of behavior with a broad liberal arts education prepares students for graduate study, further education in other fields and for careers in many settings. Psychology studies at TLU are taken beyond the classroom and include hosting forums, symposiums and conferences, as well as pursuing outside research made possible through the Knaier and Hiner psychological research and travel awards.

Psychology Beyond the Classroom

Meet the Faculty

Scott Bailey

Department Chair, Professor, Integrated Science Director, Honors Director

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