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Student Communication Center

The Student Communication Center (SCC) offers peer support to students who are working on written, oral, or visual communication assignments.

Develop Professional Skill Sets

The TLU SCC sets itself apart from similar programs by offering support in written, spoken, and visual communication. In fact, very few campuses have centers like it.

Their mission is to support a culture of communication and inquiry at TLU, promoting effective habits and practices for developing written, oral, and visual communication for students across all majors.

The goal is to encourage students to think about the ways in which their habits and practices will transfer from their classes into their professional lives outside of TLU.

Why Should Students Go To The SCC?

  • All communicators can benefit from having another set of eyes or ears on their work.
  • Making an SCC appointment lets you set an internal deadline for yourself before your actual deadline.
  • Practicing your speech or revising your paper is bound to improve it, similar to practicing music or sports.
  • The SCC has coffee, tea, and hot chocolate!
  • Our research shows that going to the SCC is correlated with doing well in classes.

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