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Honors Program


To be considered for admission to the TLU Honors Program, students must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative core academic GPA* and an 1150 composite SAT score (or equivalent ACT score of 23).

*Core academic GPA is recalculated to weighted 4.0 scale.

Honors Courses

Students must complete the following courses:

  • Honors section of the Freshman Experience, FREX 134 HON.*
  • Honors section of Introduction to Theology, THEO 133 HON.
  • Honors Directed Reading, HON 331
  • Honors Interdisciplinary Course, HON 332
  • Honors Capstone, HON 431
  • Six Honors credits in the student’s major

Distributions of Liberal Arts Education

Honors students must complete three hours of Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences (including a lab), and Social Sciences in order to fulfill their Distribution of Liberal Arts Education requirements, rather than the six hours requirement of the general program.

Benefits of the Honors Program:

  • Individualized Curriculum Plan: An honors student may propose a customized degree plan which is specifically developed to meet the intellectual and/or career interests of the individual honors student.
  • Study Grants: Honors students may apply for funds to support special research and study efforts.
  • Cultural Event Reimbursement: Honors students who attend area cultural events may receive reimbursement for a portion of their expenses.
  • Honors Courses: The 21 hours of Honors Program courses are designated for honors students only.
  • Special Academic Advising: Honors students create their degree plans in consultation with faculty advisors in their majors, and the Honors Program Director provides supplemental advising as well.
  • Social Opportunities: The Honors Program Center serves as a gathering place for honors students and their friends. Social events and field trips are scheduled each semester.

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