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While Abroad

You’ve made it through the application stage, prepared fully, and made it abroad safely—hooray! Let the great experiences begin! The key to making the most of these experiences is:

  • Keep an open mind—things will be different and sometimes challenging
  • Know that this is study abroad—do your best in your classes—the letter grades will show on your TLU transcript
  • Respect the local culture and laws—the last thing you want is to be sent home early and lose your credits
  • Engage with the program director and other students—you’ll make some lifelong friends

The time abroad will go quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be preparing to return. Two of the things to consider are your classes for the next term and campus housing.

For classes, be sure to complete a degree plan with your advisor before leaving. This will allow you to know what you have left to take and will make the pre-registration process from abroad much easier. You will receive the course schedule and will have the opportunity to choose classes early. The key will be to know what you need to take and make sure you have not holds.

For campus housing, if you have a location and roommate in mind, communicate that to the Residence Life office before leaving. While abroad, you will receive an email with a housing contract. Be sure to complete it in a timely manner. Make sure your intended roommate lists you as a roommate as well. Residence Life will do their best to place you in the housing you wish but just like other terms, there will be no guarantees.

Remember, planning ahead will ensure a smoother process.