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Student Academic Symposium

Showcasing Research Across All Majors

Started in 2007, the annual Student Academic Symposium (SAS) allows students to share the culmination of their senior thesis or capstone project with the campus community. As students and faculty alike wrap up the academic year, graduating seniors rally every lesson and experience from their academic career, each major showcases the talents and knowledge soon to be alumni have amassed throughout their time at TLU.

From conducting and artwork to research on type 2 diabetes and higher education funding in Texas, students have the opportunity to showcase their talent, skills, and knowledge in various academic areas. Over the years, presentations have ranged from "A Review of Three Lactobacillus Species and Their Ability to Reduce the Antigenicity of Cow's Milk Protein" to “Black Masculinity and Responses to the Moynihan Report in Ebony Magazine.”

About Student Academic Symposium


  • 2007 reaffirmation of accreditation
  • One component of TLU’s Quality Enhancement Plan
  • Goals: Provide a venue for presentation of the best research and performance skills of our upper division students, celebrate excellent student research, and feature role models for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.


  • SAS is a two-day event that occurs in April
  • There are no classes on SAS day, so students can participate – either as presenters or spectators
  • Sessions are presented concurrently
  • Students may also present posters displayed during lunchtime on campus