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Study Abroad Aid & Scholarships

We know that cost is a significant factor in choosing a study abroad program or choosing to study abroad at all. Costs vary but many study abroad opportunities cost no more (excluding airfare, insurance, and other expenses related to living abroad) than a term on campus. In order to gauge all expenses, we've outlined how TLU Aid and Scholarships apply to various study abroad programs, as well as a list of additional expenses to help calculate overall cost.

How Will My TLU Aid or Scholarships Apply?

Students can use their academic scholarships, federal aid, and external funding toward a TLU affiliated program during the long semesters. Performance scholarships and state funding are excluded during the time the student is abroad.

As you are considering the costs of studying abroad, also know that financial aid is available specifically for study abroad. TLU offers scholarships for semester and summer study abroad. Many of the program providers offer both need- and merit-based scholarships for which students may apply.

There are also other scholarship sources for students studying in a particular region, pursuing certain types of coursework, or with financial need (students receiving a PELL Grant). Summer program funding is more limited.

Financial Aid

According to the Higher Education Act of 1965, federal financial aid can be applied to study abroad if you are registered as a full-time student and if you will receive course credit for your study abroad. Note that the size of your award may be adjusted if the cost of the study abroad program is different than TLU's tuition.

TLU Scholarships

During the long semesters, students can use their TLU academic scholarships, federal grants and loans, and outside scholarships. During the summers, the TLU academic scholarships are not available, but the loans are.

Students may apply for the TLU Study Abroad Scholarships for semester or summer affiliated programs. All of the aid is awarded through the Office of Student Financial Services. Students may also talk with them about additional loans to cover airfare and other study abroad expenses.

Affiliated Program Scholarships

  • CIEE
  • API
  • IES
  • Japan Exchange: For this exchange, students pay TLU tuition, shared full apartment housing fee, and Meal Plan A fee. There are no scholarships available from the provider.
  • Harlaxton: Although there are no scholarships offered through Harlaxton College, the fees are reduced for TLU as a partner institution.