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Academic Credit

Virtually any coursework taken abroad through TLU programs can be transferred as credit at TLU. The process is similar to that of transferring work completed at another college or university. Through consultation with the student’s academic advisor, courses are chosen for the major, supporting work, general curriculum, and/or electives.

Students must earn the TLU equivalent of a “C” or higher in order to earn academic credit. The grades are not calculated into the TLU GPA however, they are documented on the TLU transcript.

As part of the study abroad agreements that TLU has with its study abroad partners, you do not need to do anything to get your transcript -- your program will send your transcript when they have processed your grades. However, your study abroad program will not issue a transcript if you have any outstanding charges with them, and TLU will not grant credit without the formal transcript. If you have outstanding fees with TLU, you will not be able to register for courses until the fee is paid.

Transcripts typically arrive 1-2 months after the program ends. The transferring courses will be added to the TLU transcript during the semester following the students return.

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