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Cultural Adjustment

Life In A New Culture

Living in a new country can be physically exhilarating, intellectually challenging, personally rewarding, and/or highly frustrating.

When we simply visit another country, we interact with its culture in a superficial way and don’t have the time to experience it with much depth.

However, when we live in another country for an extended period, we have the opportunity to experience the culture from within and to participate in it.

The main thing to keep in mind as you adjust to life in your host country is that, although you may initially be disoriented and even frustrated or disappointed, remain patient and open to the experience.

Remember that though you may find some aspects of the host culture confusing, you should not judge or try to alter the culture.

You are the guest, and it is your responsibility to respect the customs, laws, and norms of the host country and to adapt your behavior.

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