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Core Classes

College is a journey and TLU's general education curriculum, Compass, is your guide.

How Does Compass Give You An Advantage?

We start with your Foundations. These are classes that provide the base you will build on for the rest of your college experience. Next, we focus on Distributions. These are classes where you have a choice. We want you to experience the arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, cultural perspectives, and religion, but you get to choose the class that interests you the most in each of these areas.

While you are gaining knowledge and insight in these courses, we also want you to apply that knowledge outside the classroom through Reflective Modules. You will complete three Reflective Modules throughout the course of your time here that may include anything from financial literacy and bystander intervention to serving as a tutor at a local elementary school.

You will also gain certain skills and Competencies with the completion of your Foundations, Distributions, and selected classes in your major. The four Competencies outlined in Compass are skills that employers are looking for, and you will be able to show prospective employers that you have those qualities.