The physics department offers a pre-engineering dual degree program. The program is designed so students spend three years at Texas Lutheran University to take the core physics and mathematics courses. Students then transfer to an engineering school, and complete their engineering course work there. Upon completion of the engineering degree, the student also receives a BA in Applied Science from TLU.
While other liberal arts schools offer some sort of dual degree program, what sets TLU apart is that we offer a handful of engineering courses, better preparing students for engineering school. Students get to be well-versed in MatLab™, a computer program used extensively in the engineering field. Every student who has successfully completed the three year pre-engineering program at TLU has been accepted into an engineering school.
So why do a dual degree program instead of going straight to engineering school? The advantage is you get the small school experience for your introductory courses. At TLU, the math and physics courses are all under forty students per class. At a large school, class sizes range up to the hundreds. Students get the personal attention TLU has to offer. At TLU, students also get the flexibility of mulling your options. At engineering schools, students can be forced into a track without much choice. At TLU students don’t have to decide on a track (or even staying in engineering) until their third year.
For more information about the pre-engineering dual degree program, please contact Dr. Shawn Hilbert.