Lutheran Advantage Scholarship


TLU provides an educational experience that addresses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit while building on the Lutheran ideals of vocation and service. The TLU Lutheran Advantage Scholarship is designed to offer highly qualified Lutheran students the opportunity to continue their education in a challenging and nurturing faith-based environment.  Students who qualify will receive a Lutheran Advantage Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

  • Applicants should list church affiliation on their application for admission.
  • Freshman and transfer students are eligible to receive the scholarship.
  • This scholarship will be combined with the student's academic scholarships and performance award if applicable.
  • The scholarship is renewable for up to an additional four years, provided the student maintains a 2.0 GPA.
    • This renewal criteria will carry over to the student's academic scholarship as well and replace the standard renewal criteria of three additional years and maintaining a 2.5 GPA. 

For more information about the TLU Lutheran Advantage Scholarship, email or call 800-771-8521.

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