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Learn about ways to help pay for your child's education.

Get more information about the Federal Stafford Loan program.

Access an award database that contains more than 2.4 million scholarships worth over 14 billion dollars.

Find registration deadlines, fees and structures of all types of tests from the SAT to GRE. Try our online test prep tool today.

¿Habla Español? Esta sección enfatiza los pasos que hay que tomar para prepararse para la universidad.

If you don't qualify for a federal loan or you cannot cover expenses alone, a private loan might work for you.

Establish a good credit rating and protect yourself from the negative impact of too much debt by managing your student loans responsibly.

Find ways to finance your education.

Explore some options for saving for your child's education, including state savings plans, pre-paid tuition and IRA's.