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Support scholarships, departmental needs, faculty, and other areas.

Enhance The TLU Experience

Endowments help the university stay competitive when it comes to attracting students and faculty, enhancing departmental and programmatic offerings and providing research opportunities.

Types Of Endowments:

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are very important to our students since more than 95% of them receive financial aid. The scholarships are often the difference as to whether or not a student is able to attend the university.

Endowed Department & Program Funds

Program and department endowments allow areas across campus to purchase equipment, programs, supplies, materials and other needs not available through their current operating budgets.

Endowed funds allow a department to purchase equipment, programs, supplies, materials and other needs not available through current operating budgets.

Faculty Endowments

Creating an Endowed Chair, Professorship or Fellowship is one of the most significant investments a donor can make to Texas Lutheran University. These positions of distinction provide the resources our faculty need to do outstanding work in advancing their scholarly pursuits and teaching excellence. They also confer prestige upon the holder and the University. As a result, Chairs, Professorships and Fellowships provide TLU with an important tool in recruiting and retaining the best and brightest faculty and enhance the quality of the entire academic program.

How To Establish Endowments

The donor will work with a TLU gift officer to select the name and determine the purpose or funding designation of the specific endowment they are wishing to establish.

Support endowments at TLU.

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