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The Purple Zone: An Election Day Event

All Day
  • Chapel Of The Abiding Presence
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Addressing the stress of Election Day, TLU Campus Ministry is hosting "The Purple Zone," an all-day event in the chapel on Tuesday, November 3. The purpose of this special event is not to transform the space, but rather hold it up for what it always has been: a place for all to gather.

The Purple Zone is a nonpartisan space of prayer, music, and contemplative activity, providing a space to get away from the noise of Red vs. Blue without being separated from community.

While students, faculty, and staff are free to pray of their own accord, prayers and messages will also be played and read aloud throughout the day, offered by leaders of local congregations, as well as pastors and campus ministry students from around the country.

All participants are required to follow TLU's COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.