TLU brings 14 intercollegiate sports to the playing fields, courts and stadiums of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. TLU competes in eight women’s collegiate sports, including volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, track and field, cross country, golf and tennis. TLU fields six men’s sports including football, baseball, tennis, golf, soccer and basketball.

TLU’s intercollegiate athletics program exists for the growth and development of the university’s students. The program operates under the principles of fair play and amateurism and provides equal opportunity for talented male and female student-athletes. TLU student-athletes participate in a nationally competitive collegiate program that is value-based and educationally sound.
A Letter from the President
Intercollegiate athletics is one of the most important contributors to a quality experience for students on a liberal arts campus. At Texas Lutheran University, more than 25 percent of our students are gaining valuable life and leadership lessons as Bulldog student-athletes. A healthy athletic program builds campus morale and raises the quality of campus life for all students.

With the Bulldog Athletic Fund, every dollar that you give will supplement the current athletic budget, and make possible up-to-date equipment, newuniforms, greater travel funds and more. Contributions may be directed to particular sports or to the athletics department in general.

Successful college athletics begins with a commitment from university leadership, and I am determined that TLU sports teams be well-funded, and compete on first-rate facilities against quality opposition. To this end, planning and fundraising for a new on-campus stadium complex is well underway, and this fall, TLU will join other highly-regarded private universities in a new conference—the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. In order to be competitive in the new league and give our student-athletes the opportunity to win conference and national championships, we need to boost athletic budgets. The Bulldog Fund will level the playing field with better-funded rivals such as Trinity, Colorado College and Southwestern.

Please consider a gift to the Texas Lutheran University Bulldog Athletic Fund. This is the start of a bright new era for Bulldogs athletics. Go Bulldogs!

Dr. Stuart Dorsey, President
TLU Athletics By The Numbers
TLU Bulldogs Pay It Forward
LAURIE CORBELLI, Former Student And Texas A&M Volleyball Coach
“I’ve been fortunate to experience competition at the Olympic level and I believe it all started at TLU and the financial support given to our volleyball program.”

“The Bulldog Fund is one way that we can provide the support needed for our athletes to compete with the best in Division III. This initiative is exactly what we need for TLU athletics to move to the next level!”

“Playing competitive sports helped me to remain balanced as a student and it gave me the leadership skills I use today in my profession.”

“Dr. Dorsey is committed to TLU athletics, and I whole heartedly support this initiative. I plan on supporting the baseball program in addition to my regular annual gifts to the Texas Lutheran Fund.”







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