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Bulldog Legacy Program

Let the littlest Bulldogs in your life know all about TLU.

How To Join

When you join the Bulldog Legacy Program, our Alumni Relations Office will send your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. TLU gear on milestone birthdays to keep the spirit of your alma mater going strong.

It's easy and free to enroll. All we ask is that you share a photo of your littlest Bulldogs with us on social media or via email.

Baby Bulldogs

We also love celebrating the addition of newborn Bulldogs! When you enroll your family's newest addition, we will send you a TLU baby bib. Gifts for newborns will be mailed as soon as we receive an Alumnote or email from you letting us know about the arrival.

Milestone Birthday Gifts:

  • Newborns: a baby bib and birthday card
  • Age 1: a birthday card
  • Age 5: a lunchbox and birthday card
  • Age 10: water bottle and birthday card
  • Age 16: lanyard and birthday card
  • Age 18: drawstring bag filled with goodies and birthday card
First Name
Last Name
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How is the alumnus above related to this child?
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Please let us know who else attended Texas Lutheran and is related to this child. Use the following format: Name (first and last) - Class Year - Relation to child
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