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Computer Science Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science
Degree Options:
  • Major (BS)
  • Major (BA)
  • Minor

The computer science degree program at TLU offers an innovative approach to this highly technical field by encouraging close cooperation with the disciplines that make up the mathematics, computer science and information systems department. Students are encouraged to apply analytical skills and independent, out-of-the-box thinking to real-world applications while in the classroom.

Texas Lutheran University's computer science major gives students the technical skills and tools necessary to pursue truth and knowledge in their future endeavors. Computer science require immense discipline and attention to detail, skills that prepare students for careers in this fast-paced, constantly evolving economy. Our skilled faculty works tirelessly to create an environment where students feel supported and part of a team.

View the Degree Plan for a B.S. in Computer Science

View the Degree Plan for a B.A. in Computer Science

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Why Computer Science at TLU?

TLU's computer science program offers courses in software design, computer architecture, operating systems, data structures, networking, programming languages, and algorithms, allowing students a vast array of choices when deciding on which area of the tech sector they wish to focus.

Many students in computer science and information systems opt for work-study positions with the university’s information technology department. Students work on upgrading technology and software across campus and even develop applications for university administration projects, department needs or local businesses.

Students in the computer science school may also work alongside faculty as tutors or graders, and they have the opportunity to pursue an internship in the community. Finally, students may join the Association for Computing Machinery, which allows them to participate in ACM-related events and conferences.

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