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Student Of The Year: Malia Mikol

The David and Anna (Teggeman) Stock TLU Student of the Year Award recognizes the overall achievement, service, and contributions of our students. This year, Malia Mikol has demonstrated excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service to the TLU community. Many of the nominations included how Mikol is a “model TLU student, an excellent role model, and a passionate scholar.”

2023 Student Of The Year: Malia Mikol

Malia Mikol chose Texas Lutheran University because of its capacity for individualized education and the tight-knit campus environment. She is grateful for her professors, friends, and peers who ensured she did not fall through the cracks. As a transfer student to TLU, Malia realized her time was limited, so she became a sponge these past two years. Thankfully, TLU provided a plethora of opportunities to get her plugged in.

Malia soaked up all she could as a psychology major, a sociology and criminal justice minor, the National Society for Leadership and Success Social Chair and then Community Service Chair, a Center for Servant Leadership Coordinator, the Habitat For Humanity club Vice-President and then President, and a researcher with the TLU fNIRS lab.

Malia says that TLU gave her an outlet to grow where she was and learn the way that worked best for her, through kinesthetic engagement. As a result, Malia says her eyes opened to the real-life struggles of others and the power we each have to be a light. TLU fostered her youthful curiosity, revealing an inquisitiveness for mental and physiological healing.

Malia’s heart is set on becoming a nurse, reinforcing the worth of human life through holistic and individualized care. Malia will pursue an ABSN in the Fall of 2023 with flexible plans to continue toward being a Nurse Practitioner specializing in mental health.