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St. Paul's Evangelical Church Continues Long-standing Support for TLU

From Lead Pastor Phil Geleske

Faith, family and tradition are the cornerstones of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church located in downtown Brenham, Texas. From its earliest days in 1890, this congregation has been a spiritual home where Lutherans have been nurtured and educated in their faith and hundreds of thousands have been served through its mission in the world.

The vision of St. Paul's is to be a church full of grace filled people, empowered for community transformation, so that the Gospel is faithfully transferred from person to person and generation to generation. St. Paul's is a congregation with a lively worship life, active children's, youth and women's ministry, and a commitment to education ministry that is anchored by its Christian Day School. St. Paul's Christian Day School serves over 300 children beginning with a pre-school program and continuing through the sixth grade and was created because of the congregation's understanding that quality education supports the formation of faith in the children of God.

The role of education in faith formation is foundational to St. Paul's financial support of the education provided by the university. As a graduate who is also a member at St.Paul's states, "Attending Texas Lutheran University was one of the best experiences of my life - it helped me become Lutheran! Making lifelong Lutheran friends, taking religion classes, and attending chapel all influenced my involvement in the church."

St. Paul's is proud to support TLU because it recognizes the school's mission to be an extension of its education ministry. As a parent from St. Paul's, whose child graduated from TLU states, "TLU continues to provide a personal educational experience with Christian values that we as a family thought were important when our son started his post-secondary education. This was truly a continuation of the values that were instilled in him at St Paul's Christian Day School. At TLU, our son has a name and a story and is not just a number as is the case with larger universities. We are proud to support TLU because of our experience-our son was known and his gifts and talents were nurtured."