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TLU’s Leslie Flores Selected as a 2024 TACHE Fellow for Career Leadership and Development Institute

Congratulations to TLU Director of Title IX Equity Compliance Leslie Flores, who has just been named a 2024 TACHE fellow in the distinguished Career Leadership and Development Institute!

“The Career and Leadership Development Institute is specifically designed for higher educational professionals in Texas, including faculty, staff, and administration, who want to learn strategies and skills to advance their careers,” Flores explains. “Becoming a fellow for CLDI involves a competitive application process. Candidates must submit a resume, respond thoughtfully to questions about their experiences and aspirations, and secure two letters of support. Notably, one of these letters must be from the applicant's supervisor, showing the university's support for the candidate's professional and personal development.”

The mission of the Career Leadership and Development Institute (CLDI) is to prepare the next generation of Latinx leaders who work in the field of higher education in Texas by providing a one-day event that includes opportunities for participants to work with outstanding leaders, attend lectures, receive career coaching, and more.

“Being selected as a fellow for CLDI is a profound honor, one that resonates deeply with my journey as a first-generation Chicana working in higher education,” says Flores. “This recognition acknowledges my dedication to leadership development and symbolizes my ongoing commitment to empowering and uplifting Mi Gente. I am genuinely excited and humbled by the opportunity to connect with fellow Chicanx/Latinx leaders, draw wisdom from their diverse experiences, and learn strategies and skills to advance our collective careers.”

This year’s CLDI event will be held in San Antonio on the campus of Our Lady of the Lake University. The institute is part of the 49th annual TACHE (Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education) State Conference, whose mission it is to highlight the work, contributions, and dedication of Latinx leaders in higher education throughout the state.

Flores is looking forward to the conference. “I recognize the conference as a valuable opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals, participate in informative sessions, and network with individuals who share similar passions and goals. I am eager to immerse myself in the conference experience and to contribute to meaningful discussions around Chicanx/Latinx leadership and advocacy.”

And Flores won’t be the only one from TLU who’ll be attending this year’s conference. Thanks to the university’s BUENOS grant, two students will also receive sponsorships for the event.

“The Title V-HSI Grant BUENOS Center for Excellence looks forward to supporting faculty, staff and students who need support to attend professional development opportunities that closely align with our grant goals and objectives,” says BUENOS Director Victor Davila. “Ms. Flores is collaborating with us to identify students who can benefit from attending a statewide conference which aligns with what we hope to accomplish with the grant, growing future student leaders at TLU.”