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Dramatic Media Students & Alumni Win Top Award at Austin 48 Hour Film Project

A group of Dramatic Media students and recent graduates (Dos Pollos Productions) recently won Best Film at the Austin 48 Hour Film Project, along with five other awards: Best Writing, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Dramatic Ensemble, and Best Use of Prop. Nominated for a total of 10 awards, their winning entry they will represent Austin at the international event Filmapalooza, which features films from 49 countries worldwide.

The film was directed by current student Alysyn Rose Andrews, and produced by recent graduate Brandon May. The cast included recent graduates: Victor Dominguez, Kelsey Gillman, and David Wells. Current students in the cast included Fern Ferguson and Ty Edwards. The crew also included a mix of current TLU students and alumni including Nathan Elkins (Head Writer), Kelsey Gillman (Co-Writer), Matthew DeLeon (Editor and Cinematography), Jake Scheer (Cinematography), Fern Ferguson (Costuming), Samantha Dearing (Production Assistant), Rachel Shelton (Production Assistant) and Anderson Roy (Composer/Score). Congratulations also to Spencer Taylor and Heather McNabb, who served on the cast and crew.

48 Hour Film Festival Editing

Of the top 10 films in Austin, two were produced by TLU Dramatic Media members. In addition to "On the House," TLU was well represented by alumni Ora Cevallos and Adrick Tolliver of "O and A Creative.” Their film, "Laying On The Heat," was nominated for five awards and won Best Musical Score, which was created by yet another TLU Dramatic Media alumnus, Ryan Anderson.

Click Here to Watch "On The House"