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A Tasty Dose of Science: TLU’s Chemistry CHAOS Night Returns March 26!

Ready for a delicious night of CHAOS? Get excited, because it’s time once again for Texas Lutheran University’s annual Chemistry CHAOS Night! CHAOS (Chemistry Happens with Adventurous Outstanding Scientists) is all about exploring the wonders of chemistry in fun new ways, and the theme of this year’s event is quite delectable: The Chemistry of Food and Cooking.

Ever wonder why eggs turn white when you cook them? Or why cookies baking in the oven smell so great? And did you know that tonic water glows under black light? Why?

“We don’t often think about the science behind the foods we eat every day,” says Dr. Alison Bray, professor and chair of the Chemistry and Biochemistry departments at TLU. “At Chemistry CHAOS, students of all ages will have the opportunity to learn about food and cooking science through hands-on and some ‘don’t-try-this-at-home’ experiments.”

Kids from kindergarten through high school—as well as kids at heart—are invited to join the fun and learn about the processes that happen in the world of food and cooking through a variety of experiments. Among those experiments, Bray says, visitors will learn how to make a biopolymer in the form of rice paper sushi wraps. They’ll also get to conduct candy chromatography. And have you ever tasted liquid nitrogen ice cream? Here’s your chance!

“We are so excited to share our science and hope that the community will be too!” says Bray. All ages are welcome to CHAOS Night, which will be on Tuesday, March 26, from 6 to 8 p.m. Hosted by TLU’s Pi Rho Chemistry Club, the event will be held on campus in Jackson Park’s Student Activities Center and is free and open to the public.