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A Message From Pastor Wes

By Campus Pastor Rev. Wes Cain

On November 10, Campus Ministry partnered with TLU ThinkingTHEO—a group of students and professors dedicated to the work of bringing theological engagement to every day life. We joined forces to host a day-long event featuring Scott Erickson, a Washington-based artist who has dedicated his life to sharing the story of faith in new ways. His work (@ScottThePainter on Instagram) is all about telling the Gospel from a different angle and helping those who find themselves on the outside of church connect with Christ. Some of you might remember Scott from the “Stations on the Street” lenten journey that we did this last Spring.

Scott Erickson event in chapel

Our day with Scott was jam-packed and filled with meaningful conversation and laughter. Using stories ranging from Jurassic Park, tattoo parlor experiences, heavy metal concerts, Captain Planet, and everything in between, he defined and explored theological concepts of grace, resurrection, end times, and more. Students were sharing their experiences with the Mystical, opening up about their struggles and vulnerabilities, and engaging in life-enhancing and life-changing conversations.

Scott Erickson with Student Chapel

Many people are worried right now about the state of the church and about the faith lives of young people. Many are wondering what Christianity is going to look like on the other side of this current paradigm shift we are undergoing. After yesterday’s conversations, though, I am even more convinced that the Holy Spirit is doing a wild and wonderful thing in and through these emerging adults and that the very world will be changed by it. I am thankful for people like Scott, who has dedicated his life and livelihood to cultivating those who will come after, and I am so, so grateful to be in this place and get the chance to witness what blooms and grows.