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A Holy Week Message From Pastor Wes

As I write this, we are right in the middle of Holy Week. Jesus has entered triumphantly into Jerusalem and we as the people of God wait with baited breath for the rest of the story—the infamous "Temple Tantrum", the holy moment of Christ washing the disciples’ feet and sharing with them the meal we now call holy, the anguish and heartache of the Garden, the devastation of the cross, and then, finally, the climax of the Gospel: the resurrection.

By the time this comes out, we’ll be full swing into our collective Easter celebrations, but right now? Right now I am sitting in some extremely holy liminal space. Lent provides us the opportunity to confront our mortality and to be reminded again of our need of Christ’s love and life. It points us toward Easter with a longing that we know in faith that Jesus will fill. In the ashes of what is, we wait anxiously for the next thing to come, for the resurrection to be realized.

In many ways, that is where we are as a campus ministry. We are in that tension of the in-between, waiting anxiously for the next thing to come, waiting to see what God has in store for us with the rising of a new day. And friends: we wait with a smile on our lips and our breath caught in our lungs, for we know in faith that Jesus is not done with this ministry, with this university, with all of God’s creation.

So, even as you celebrate the Easter season, even as you proclaim Christ risen, I invite you back into that liminal time. Won’t you wait with us, anxious to see what God does next here in this place?

May the resurrected Christ fill you with grace, love, and new life this season.