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Student Academic Symposium 2023

All Day
  • TLU Campus
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APRIL 20-21, 2023

As students and faculty alike wrap up the academic year, graduating seniors rally every lesson and experience from their academic career in preparation of a final culminating presentation. Each discipline showcases the talents and knowledge soon to be alumni have amassed over the years before sending graduates off on to their next journey.

All dates, times, and locations are subject to change. The schedule is updated regularly, so check back often for new presentations and times.

View Full Research Abstracts & Presentations Here

Thursday, April 20

4 p.m. Conductor Showcase (Jackson Auditorium)

7 p.m. Jazz Band Concert (Jackson Auditorium)

5-6:30 p.m. Visual Art Exhibit (Schuech Fine Arts)

Friday, April 21

8:30 a.m.

  • Business Strategies – Group A & B (Dunne Conference Center, Tschoepe Hall)
  • Physics (Langner Hall 120)

    9 a.m. Sociology (Valero Room, Tschoepe Hall)

        10 a.m. Chapel: The Remnants

          10:30 a.m.

          • Nursing (Moody Science 101)
          • Big Dog Endowment (Dunne Conference Center, Tschoepe Hall)
          • Math/Computer Science/Information Systems (Tschoepe Hall 103)
          • Dramatic Media Capstone Presentations (Studio Theatre, Weston Center)

          11 a.m. African American Literature (Center for African American Studies)

            11:30 a.m. Bulldog Investment Company (Dunne Conference Center, Tschoepe Hall)

            12-1 p.m. Research Posters & All-School Picnic (Jackson Park Student Activities Center)

            1 p.m. Dramatic Media Script Reading (Centennial Hall 127)

            1:30 p.m.

            • Kinesiology (Dunne Conference Center, Tschoepe Hall)
            • Biology (Moody Science 101)
            • History (Valero Room, Tschoepe Hall 201)

            2:30 p.m. Chemistry (Moody Science 303)

            4 p.m. Class Ring Ceremony

            7:30 p.m. Dramatic Media presents "The Miss Firecracker Contest," a full-length play (Studio Theatre, Weston Center)


            SAS BEGINNINGS

            • 2007 reaffirmation of accreditation
            • One component of TLU’s Quality Enhancement Plan
            • Goals
              • Provide a venue for presentation of the best research and performance skills of our upper division students
              • Celebrate excellent student research
              • Feature role models for lower division students

            SAS NOW

            • SAS 2023 begins the evening of Thursday, April 20 and runs all day on Friday, April 21.
            • There are no classes on SAS day, so students can participate – either as presenters or spectators.
            • Sessions are presented concurrently.
            • Students may also present posters displayed during lunchtime on campus.