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Christopher Bollinger

  • Professor
  • Communication, Cultures, English & World Languages




Ph.D., Communication Studies, Bowling Green State University, Ohio

M.S., Human Resource Management, University of Charleston, West Virginia



  • Worked with Tamara Schmoekel, Sarah Butcher, Britney Swanger, and Angela Schnelle to develop a series of violence prevention workshops. Summer 2010. They facilitated these workshops multiple times in various venues, including workshops serving the professional track for a regional student affairs conference held in Nebraska in Spring 2011.
  • Worked with Taylor Choate, Kate Miller, Angela Schnelle, and Rebecca Acy to start the process of developing an ethnography book. Four chapters were drafted. Summer 2011. Students in ethnography classes have used these drafts as a crucial part of their course materials 2011-2014. Plan to publish these with other components of the book in 2014-2015.
  • Worked with Sarah Carmichael and Cody Homewood to research and develop a supplemental course book focused on meeting the challenges of depth interviewing. Summer 2012. Students used this book as course support in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.
  • Worked with Brittney Waltman and Laura Torres to research and develop four different hour-long workshops on issues of intolerance and hate. Summer 2013. They facilitated these workshops (2 for the Honor's Program, 1 for a first-year experience course, and 1 for the Student Academic Symposium) throughout the 2013-2014 academic year.



Bollinger, Christopher and Denise Menchaca. Ethnographic Choices: A Primer on Doing Complex Social Research. Seguin: Createspace Independent Platform, 2014.

Co-editor): Nicoletti, J., Spencer-Thomas, S., & Bollinger, C. (2010). Violence goes to college: The authoritative guide to prevention and intervention (2nd Ed.). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas.

Co-authored Chapters within Book:

  • Bollinger, C. & Spencer-Thomas, S. (2010). "Preparing for the violence aftermath: A community affected."
  • Bollinger, C. & Wych, K. (2010). "Hate crimes and lesser forms of hateful violence."
  • Nuwer, H. & Bollinger, C. (2010). "Hazing."
  • Nicoletti, J. & Bollinger, C. (2010). "Building barriers to violence part III: Environmental protection and safety strategies."


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