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Affiliated Programs

TLU has programs with more than 200 universities in 51 countries on six continents.

Unique Experiences

In addition to coursework, many programs also offer community service opportunities, internships, and summer terms.

TLU has study abroad programs that come in many shapes and sizes. Each type of program offers students a unique experience on a global level. You may might find that you are more comfortable with one type than with another. Take a look at the types of programs available to help you decide which you prefer.

TLU has partnered with several universities and organizations to provide study abroad programs in over 100 locations throughout the world, for any major at TLU. Year-long, semester, and summer study is available in addition to internship and civic engagement opportunities.

Affiliated programs are unique because each affiliated program has a resident staff at each site, tuition and program fees are similar to those of TLU (in some cases less), your fees are paid through TLU, and most TLU scholarships and all federal funding apply toward the semester affiliated programs.

Many of TLU’s affiliated programs offer summer study abroad opportunities. These programs vary in length from 3 weeks to 8-9 weeks. Some are language intensive, others focus on various course topics; some incorporate study of (and travel to) more than one country; and many provide internship opportunities.

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Affiliated Programs

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