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Campus Ministry

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Chapel of the Abiding Presence
Phone: 830-372-8160

Rev. Kara Joy Stewart
Campus Pastor

Becky Hruza
Administrative Assistant

Campus Ministry at TLU offers opportunities for worship, fellowship, Bible study, prayer and service. And everybody is invited. We welcome people of all denominations and faiths – not just Lutherans. We’re not something that you join, we’re something that you do!


MWF Chapel

Gather with faculty, staff and students for a 20-minute chapel service at 10 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is convocation hour, meaning no one has class at this time. Get your day started right with a quick message, prayer and a few songs!

Sunday Worship

Every Sunday night in the Chapel of the Abiding Presence, there is a full-length and more traditional worship service for everyone. Most college students won’t wake up on a Sunday morning for church, so that’s why we found that 6:30 p.m. is the most convenient time to host the service.

Worship on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday evening in the Center for Servant Leadership (CSL) there is a student-led worship service. Come and listen to the student-led worship band and escape from the hectic school day to a peaceful and rejuvenating praise and worship service.

Prayer Breakfast

Prayer breakfast meets on Monday nights in the CSL. Food, drinks and great company are there to get your mind off the hustle and bustle of classes and life to take an hour to reflect and pray in creative ways. We have both men, women and a joint group once each month.


Coffee House

Coffee House happens three times every semester. It's a fellowship event where we gather in the Chapel on a Friday or Saturday night to see the talent that TLU students have to offer. Show us your talent (art, singing, instruments, jokes, acts and more) and enjoy the show with great food, people and, of course, coffee.

Sabbath Project

Sabbath events happen once each month, usually during the weekends. This is to finally take a break from the long week before or week to come. We spend our Sabbath outside relaxing by the water, hiking, exploring caves or going to the zoo. It’s a great time to meet new people and to take a much-needed break.

Weekends Alive

This is a new idea to have fun and fellowship almost every weekend. It is a chance to meet new people, hang out, play some games or eat some good food! 

Fellowship on Sundays

Stay after worship on Sunday nights for a few minutes to get to know the many people involved in Campus Ministry. We provide a variety of tasty treats, including, but not limited to, ice cream, pie, cookies, pizza and fondue!

Campus Ministry Organizations

Active Campus Ministry groups include Canterbury (Episcopal), Catholic Student Organization, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Habitat for Humanity, SHABACH, Water to Thrive and Wesley Foundation (Methodist).

Chapel Talks & Podcasts

Did you miss a day in chapel or was there a message you really enjoyed and would like to hear again? Now you can listen to selected chapel messages online, download them or subscribe to the podcast feed using iTunes U.

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About Campus Ministry at TLU

Campus Ministry at Texas Lutheran University provides a focal point for the community of faith where people:

  • Proclaim Christ in Word, Encounter Christ in Sacrament, and experience Christ in relationship.
  • Place what they learn in conversation with what they believe and value.
  • Witness to the reconciling Word of God in Christ, reaching out to all people.
  • Respond to human need, work for peace and justice, and care for the sick and suffering.
  • Find people in a supportive experience of community.
  • Welcome one another warmly no matter what faith, tradition, nationality, race or denomination.
  • Seek sensitive, personal and confidential pastoral care.
  • Join in praise and worship, exploring the rich liturgical Christian worship tradition.

Meet Pastor Kara Stewart

Rev. Kara Joy Stewart

Rev. Kara Joy Stewart is a 1995 graduate of Furman University in Greenville, S.C., where she studied music and history. She earned her master’s of divinity at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, in 2002. She is currently completing her certificate in Spiritual Formation from the Shalem Institute in Washington, D.C. 

Before coming to TLU, Pastor Stewart served Living Christ Lutheran Church in Flagstaff, Ariz., a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Prior to taking the call to Flagstaff in 2009, she served three congregations in Summerville and Charleston, S.C. She helped provide campus ministry to The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., as well as Northern Arizona University while living and serving in Flagstaff.

Pastor Stewart is passionate about young adult ministry, ecumenical work, creativity and worship. She loves worship planning, music and the arts and is a trained soprano.

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