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Engaging Pedagogy Conference

May 11, 2016

Engaging Pedagogy is a regional, interdisciplinary conference serving faculty and staff committed to producing deeper and more effective teaching and learning initiatives. 

May 11, 2016 - Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, Texas

When we are at our best, students learn to critically reflect on their learning and life practices. They learn to creatively adapt what they know to serve a diverse community in an ever evolving world. National trends tell us that colleges and universities struggle to help students persist and succeed in this endeavor. In answer to this struggle, we will critically reflect on our own teaching and learning, and creatively adapt what we know to serve our diverse community of students, and by so doing, make ourselves better able to help our students so we can be at our very best.

Program Call

We are now accepting proposals for the 2016 Texas Lutheran University Regional Pedagogy Conference: Engaging Pedagogy. There are three types of programs: workshops, poster sessions, and round table discussions. Program workshops will run 20 minutes. Workshop presenters will facilitate participant discussion focusing on a pedagogy initiative, research paper, or trending phenomenon. Poster sessions and round table discussions will run concurrently for a 40 minute period. Poster session presenters will attend their posters and engage participants intermittently throughout the period. Round table discussion presenters will remain at their assigned table and share their work with small groups of participants, each group rotating every 10 minutes throughout the 40 minute period. We ask that presenters of poster sessions and round table discussions provide participants with a one page handout.

We are seeking proposals that delve into the following areas:

Learning Motivation

Proposals that explore and apply work on student sense of self, motivation, persuasion, and/or persistence. These might include but are not limited to altering student perceptions’ of their ability to fit in and succeed, nurturing effective student collaboration, or becoming more resilient in the face of failure.

Creating a More Inclusive Learning Environment

Proposals that help us better support historically marginalized communities (including but not limited to Mexican-American, Latina/o, African American, Women, LGBTQI, Veteran, first generation, and working class populations) by integrating contributions (cultural experiences, scholarship, art, representative data sets…) and by developing teaching practices that better connect with our students’ diverse experiences.

Blended/Hybrid/Online Applications

Proposals that explore innovative uses of technology in blended/hybrid/on-line courses. These might include but are not limited to the creative application of technology resources or evaluating the effects of such applications.

Collaborative Partnerships

Proposals that explore collaborative partnerships (crossing disciplines, departments, programs, or communities) that have enhanced student learning.

2016 Conference Registration

More information coming soon.

A final program will be released after notifications for proposals go out in March. Registration fees will be waived for program presenters.

2015 Recap

Several Texas Lutheran University professors came out for the 2015 Engaging Pedagogy Conference on May 13, 2015 to support the efforts of TLU's Center for Teaching & Learning. The conference featured a robust schedule of four sessions in addition to a closing session to cap off the day and an opening session with the keynote address delivered by Dr. Steve Vrooman, TLU professor of Communication Studies.

For a full conference program schedule and information about the TLU Center for Teaching & Learning, view the 2015 Engaging Pedagogy Conference Program.

Watch Dr. Vrooman's keynote address "Teaching is Persuasion" from the 2015 Pedagogy Conference.

About the Center for Teaching & Learning

In 2013, a $50,000 gift from Mrs. Lena Wilson allowed Texas Lutheran University to launch a Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Since then, we have formalized a leadership team for the Center and offered specific and intentional training with our faculty, focusing on best practices in the 21st century college classroom. During the first year, work centered on developing high impact educational practices, using cooperative learning as well as technology in the classroom, and helping students raise their persistence skills. Though all of these practices and techniques benefit all TLU students, the discussions and work associated with the Center have been especially mindful of the needs of first-generation college students and the particular challenges they may face in the college classroom. The work of the Center has included workshops, lunch discussions, grants for course development, participation in a conference on diversity and learning, and an emphasis on increasing the number of Supplemental Instruction Leaders and Collaborative Learning Assistants, who are peer educators trained to support their fellow students academically.

During the second year, work included additional opportunities such as training for faculty to develop more effective blended and online course material, teach oral presentation skills, teach students to be community leaders and global citizens through civic education, and participate in regional and national conferences on teaching. Faculty members then utilized their expertise from this experience to lead presentations and workshops on campus, including the first Center for Teaching and Learning Conference.

A Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning was named in 2015, as the CTL continued faculty development opportunities. The response of our faculty in the work of the CTL has been strong, with faculty having identified the Center as a key resource in their work with students. The Center for Teaching and Learning is making a difference for both TLU faculty and students and furthers our institution’s mission as a teaching-centered university. These efforts and accomplishments have attracted a substantial gift pledge from another valued donor.

Engaging Pedagogy Conference Program Proposal

The deadline for submission is February 1, 2016. Proposals will be reviewed and notifications will go out by March 2016. Registration fees will be waived for program presenters. Please submit your program proposal below.

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Coordinating Presenter

If more than one presenter, please first identify a coordinating presenter who can serve as the contact person and list other presenters in the latter section.

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If you have questions, please feel free to email us at

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