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Ninth Annual Prism Concert: Lights Out!

March 8, 2018 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM   |   Location: Jackson Auditorium

Ninth Annual Prism Concert: Lights Out!

In celebration of Women's History Month, three selections by up-and-coming female composers will be performed, “ Weston Fanfare” by Carol Britain Chambers, "Letters from Sado" by Jodie Blackshaw, and "Lights Out!" by Alex Shapiro.


  • TLU Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band
  • TLU Choir
  • Women's Choir and Kantorei Chamber Choir
  • Mariachi Oro Y Negro
  • TLU Jazz Band
  • Many chamber ensembles, including the Tacqui Flute and Percussion Quartet, Contigo Sax Quartet, Tarnished Brass Quintet, the Amarosa Flute Quartet, Just Socks Woodwind Quintet, and Black and Gold Brass

For this concert,, the TLU bands present the Ninth Annual Prism Concert, an an action-packed musical evening, featuring both bands, all three choirs, the jazz band, and many small ensembles and individuals in ways that you rarely have the opportunity to hear and see them.

This concert has a unique focus – to move the music around the auditorium and into the audience, as well as the traditional stage performance.

A Prism Concert is an interactive event in which the participating ensembles and soloists rotate with little or no pause throughout the program. Music is moved into the auditorium itself, performed from multiple sites utilizing all parts of the stage, the seating area, the pit and the balcony to bring the music more into the audience, inviting greater engagement between the performers and the audience, or between the performers themselves. This dynamic format allows the audience to experience the music in many different ways and from many different places. As one selection ends, the next begins, creating a sustained musical experience with varying textures and sounds that invite the audience to become immersed in the music.

The nature of the Prism Concert is interactive, evocative, sometimes humorous, and varying greatly in mood and style. This concert also incorporates music of all styles and genres –band, choir, strings, and chamber ensembles of all types – woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

March 8, 2018 7:30 PM Central Ninth Annual Prism Concert: Lights Out! Jackson Auditorium

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