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Lot o’ Shakespeare with Tim Mooney

October 4, 2017 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM   |   Location: Weston Center Studio Theatre

Lot o’ Shakespeare with Tim Mooney

In a dazzling display of memorization and characterization, Tim Mooney has memorized one monologue from every Shakespeare play, capturing some of the most stirring speeches, the most outrageous situations, the most wicked double-entendres, and the most delicious sonorous soliloquies ever to emerge from Shakespeare’s pen, in "Lot o’ Shakespeare," a dynamic tour de force of vocal and physical pyrotechnics.

Each performance of "Lot o’ Shakespeare," is entirely unique, as the monologues that Mooney performs are chosen entirely at random, controlled only by a bingo cage, which spits out ping pong balls labeled with Shakespeare’s plays. "Lot o’ Shakespeare" lets the audience play along, as they fill in their Bingo cards (actually “IAGO” cards), while the monologues spill out.

Mooney is the author of 18 rhymed verse variations of the plays of Molière (many of them published with Playscripts, Inc), bringing a dexterity of English speech to these works which were so dazzling in their original French. He now brings this verbal dexterity to the performance of these amazing Shakespeare monologues, seducing the audience with a complexity of language that is a sensual delight.

Mooney’s performance is literate, enthusiastic, and athletic, bounding from Shakespeare’s hilarious Comedies, to his passionate Tragedies, to his epic histories, at the drop of a ping pong ball. Audiences are typically astonished to discover just how contemporary, vivid, and playfully educational this material is. Mooney’s previous work, "Molière Than Thou" has won awards from the San Francisco Fringe Festival and was listed first of the “Top Ten Artistic Events of 2006” by the Chattanooga Pulse.

In this, brand new performance of Shakespeare material, Mooney incorporates all of the excitement originally found in these works of Molière, to an author who is even more dear to the hearts of the English-speaking audience.

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