The Bachelor of Arts in Social Entrepreneurship is designed for undergraduate students who have a passion for a particular academic area combined with a desire to start a nonprofit or for-profit business venture that will address social issues. Students within this degree plan will have opportunities to participate in internships, study abroad programs and student-run businesses on the TLU campus. Most importantly, students will graduate with a complete business plan for their portfolio.

Social Entrepreneurship program

Bachelor's Degree in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Major in Social Entrepreneurship (B.A.)
    • with specializations available in:
      • Faith, Culture and Diversity
      • Nonprofit Leadership
      • Contemporary Social Issues
      • Additional potential tracks may include: Global Sustainability, Public Health Issues, Social Ventures in the Fine Arts, Regional Concerns

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Alum paves the way for social entrepreneurship
José Alejandro Flores, ’03 TLU alum, has three passions: soccer, helping others and international business.
Growing up as a dual citizen of Guatemala and the U.S., Flores had a first-person perspective on how one’s great passion can meet the world’s biggest needs. “It was at TLU that I realized I could couple my life experiences of helping others with my passion for international business. I was definitely shaped most by my International Business professors and mentors during my time at TLU,” said Flores who graduated from TLU with a degree in International Business.
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