: Buy a beautiful, hand-crafted ceramic bowl for $15, receive a bowl of soup, and help bring attention to hunger in our community
WHEN: Sunday, Nov. 3, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
WHERE: TLU Campus – Jackson Park Student Activities Center (on Fleming Drive)
Empty Bowls is an international project to fight hunger, personalized by local artists on a community level. Empty Bowls events are held in cities across the country to support local food-related charities and food banks through monetary donations raised from the sale of hand-crafted, ceramic bowls.
Hunger Facts
Hunger in Guadalupe County

How many are hungry?
Hunger results from an inability to meet nutritional needs with available resources. The USDA measures hunger by asking families whether there was a time in the previous year when they had difficulty meeting their food needs. This measurement is called “food insecurity.”
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What resources are available?
Another way to measure need compares the food resources of a vulnerable population to a dietary standard. According to USDA, a moderately-priced, nutritious diet for all of Guadalupe County’s low-income residents (with incomes below 185% of the poverty line) costs $94,645,713 annually.
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What can be done?
No matter how it is measured, hunger represents a disparity between income and expenses. As such, it can be permanently ended only by opportunities to earn and save enough money to meet the cost of living, and the knowledge to spend this money effectively.
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Dixie Grille

JJ's Cafe

Lake Breeze Ski Lodge

Zonta Club of Seguin

Thank you to all of our partners who are donating their time, talents and soup to bring awareness to hunger in our community.