The Jon and Sandra Moline Center for Servant Leadership (CSL) facilitates opportunities for students to grow as global citizens and civic leaders through community service and civic engagement. We partner with local leaders, community organizations, and residents to improve the quality of life of people on the margins, remembering that God’s people are reminded to care for “the least of these.” Together, we believe we can make both Seguin and the Earth a stronger, healthier and better community for all.
2014 Servant Leader of the Year
The TLU Center for Servant Leadership will award a “2014 Servant Leader of the Year” in the categories of staff, student, faculty and Seguin community member on April 4 at 2 p.m. in the TLU Dunne Conference Room. All are welcome. Join us in celebrating individuals who embody respect and servant leadership!
The Center for Servant Leadership is committed to building and sustaining partnerships between TLU and Seguin. We believe that our work should be measured not only by the number of students who serve or the types of projects that are completed, but also by its impact on the quality of life for marginalized people and neighborhoods. To that end, we created a Partnership Council. From 2009-2012, we also hosted the VISTA Partnership for a Better Seguin, which led to new services and programs, such as the reintroduction of public transportation, annual summer arts camps at Teatro de Artes, an overhaul of Blumberg Park, and the Guadalupe County Food Council.
Presidential Award for Leadership and Service (PALS)
As a high school student, have you made a difference in your neighborhood, church, school, or community? The PALS scholarship is for students like you!
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