Integrated Science

A degree in integrated science from Texas Lutheran University is perfect for students interested in studying and eventually working in emerging fields in the areas of overlap between scientific disciplines may find this program particularly exciting. 

The Integrated Science program capitalizes on a range of academic programs allowing majors to pursue breadth and depth in a handful of disciplines that will foster interdisciplinary awareness and facilitate many graduate school, professional school, or career opportunities. Additionally, this program will appeal to those interested in pursuing health-related careers that draw on experience in related academic areas. 

The program offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree. The B.A. option has a little more flexibility within the major area coursework, and in the number of available elective hours. The B.S. degree plan includes significant coursework in natural science disciplines, but adds enough social and behavioral science to round out students’ perspectives as preparation for further study or entering careers upon graduation

Major in Integrated Science for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.).

Integrated Science Faculty

Germaine Walsh

Dept. Chair, Professor, International Studies Program Director

Scott Bailey


Daniel Braaten

Asst. Professor, Political Science

Steve Boehm

Asst. Professor

Corinne Castro

Asst. Professor

William Davis

Professor, Department Chair, Aviation Program Director

Robert Jonas

Professor, Biology Department Chair

Toni Sauncy

Assoc. Professor, Department Chair

Tiffiny Sia

Assoc. Professor

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