The Physics department offers a Pre-Engineering dual degree program designed for students to spend three years at Texas Lutheran University taking core physics and mathematics courses, then transfer to an engineering school to complete engineering course work.

This program is designed for students interested in attending engineering school but also wish to obtain a broader background in other disciplines.

While other liberal arts schools offer some sort of dual degree program, what sets TLU apart is that we offer a handful of engineering courses, better preparing students for engineering schools. Students get to be well-versed in MatLab™, a computer program used extensively in the engineering field. 

Every student who has successfully completed the three year pre-engineering program at TLU has been accepted into an engineering school.

Major in Applied Science for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) dual degree in Applied Science & Engineering

A student wishing to obtain an applied science degree from TLU must complete the pre-engineering TLU coursework and then apply for admission to a college of engineering. Engineering courses taken at the engineering school will complete requirements for the major in applied science at TLU after the engineering degree has been completed. At that time TLU will award the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in applied science.

Students have historically finished the dual degree at Texas State, Texas Tech, schools in the Texas A&M system or the schools in the The University of Texas system.

Engineering Faculty

Toni Sauncy

Assoc. Professor, Department Chair

Jerry Carr, Jr.

Asst. Professor

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