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COVID Information and Campus Updates

Campus Updates Regarding COVID-19

With the recent end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency on May 11, TLU is also making some changes to our COVID-19 protocols. In addition to the current CDC Precautions for COVID, here are the latest updates for TLU:

  • The TLU COVID-19 leadership team is officially rolled backup into the Safety and Emergency Management Committee
  • Health & Wellness will treat students with COVID-19 going forward like any other illness (flu, strep-throat etc)
  • Students, faculty, and staff will no longer need to report positive COVID-19 cases to the Student Health and Wellness Center as they will not be tracking them anymore.
  • Students WILL however still need to report to their respective faculty if they will be out of class because of a positive COVID-19 case. Faculty may require a doctor’s note which can be requested through TLU Care or a physician.
  • Students with symptoms can still get tested at the Health and Wellness clinic but additional take-home COVID-19 antigen tests will no longer be provided for free once current supplies run out.

If you have a health related COVID-19 question, please direct them to Health & Wellness ( All other questions may be emailed to the Safety & Emergency Management Committee (

Additional Information:

  • Masks are not required in all indoor or outdoor spaces.
  • Vaccination and Exemption Reporting is not required for new students, faculty, or staff members. For current students, faculty, and staff who previously submitted a vaccine record or exemption form, those documents will remain on file with TLU Student Health Services and Human Resources.
  • There are no event capacity limits so all venues can be occupied at 100% capacity.
  • COVID-19 testing is no longer required. Students who want a COVID test should contact the TLU Student Health Services in the Hahn Annex (formerly the CSL) at
  • Isolation and quarantine procedures remain the same and align with CDC guidelines.

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    Safety and Emergency Management Committee

    Questions regarding TLU's COVID-19 policies and protocols? Email the TLU Safety and Emergency Management Committee at