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Mexican-American Studies

Mexican-American Studies
Degree Options:
  • Minor

Center For Mexican-American Studies

The Center for Mexican-American Studies (CMAS) was established in 1971 to create new opportunities for service to the Mexican-American community and to promote a greater understanding of the Mexican-American experience. The CMAS offers a reading and study center equipped with computers as well as library materials on Mexican Americans. The CMAS is used as the homebase for the Mexican-American Students Association (MASA), a student group with an active, open-to-all membership, and for the Latino Alumni and Friends Association at TLU.

Mexican-American Student Association

MASA Mission Statement

Founded in 1981, the Mexican-American Students Association (MASA) at Texas Lutheran University is an association of Mexican-American and other students, regardless of ethnicity, that seeks to promote, celebrate, and showcase Mexican-American culture, history, and people. Working closely with the Center for Mexican-American Studies (CMAS), MASA provides a culturally safe space where Mexican-American students can learn, develop, and practice leadership skills and forge lifetime memories and friendships as they prepare for leadership roles and lives of service in their home communities.

Minor In Mexican-American Studies

18 semester hours, including Intro to Mexican-American Studies, Mexican-American Culture in the Southwest, Advanced Conversational Spanish, Major Issues in Ethnic and Racial History, and an Internship in Mexican-American Studies; and 3 hours from Intro to Mexican-American Literature, Texas and the Borderlands, or Hispanic/Latino Theologies.