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St. John Lutheran Church Donates $4,000 to Texas Lutheran University

Last August, Texas Lutheran University received a generous donation of $4,000 from the St. John Lutheran Church in Boerne, Texas, showcasing the power of community and advocacy. This meaningful contribution was made possible by Henry Brune, a TLU alumnus from the class of 1968, who serves as a member of the church's Wild Game Dinner planning committee.

St. John Lutheran Church has had a rich tradition of hosting Wild Game Dinners for the past two decades, an event that has become a significant fundraising opportunity. Over the years, the church has raised a remarkable $1.5 million through this event, enabling it to support various charitable organizations in the community.

This year's Wild Game Dinner was a tremendous success, with $75,000 raised to benefit worthy causes. Among the selected non-profit organizations to receive support was Texas Lutheran University - a first-time recipient. All in thanks to the advocacy of Henry Brune and his dedicated wife, Marjorie.

The $4,000 donation from St. John Lutheran Church will have a positive impact on the university's initiatives This contribution emphasizes the vital role of community partnerships in advancing education and fostering meaningful connections.

"We are incredibly grateful to St. John Lutheran Church for their generous donation and to Henry Brune for his dedication and advocating for Texas Lutheran University,” said Kim Gannon, TLU assistant vice president of philanthropy. “This contribution will help us continue our mission of providing a high-quality education and supporting our students in their academic journey."

This donation will play a role in advancing TLU’s educational initiatives such as supporting the Lutheran Advantage Scholarship, a scholarship designed to offer highly qualified Lutheran students the opportunity to continue their education in a challenging and nurturing faith-based environment.

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