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Campus Ministry Student Spotlight: Charis Wirtley

Name: Charis Wirtley

Hometown: College Station, Texas

Home Church: Living Word Lutheran Church (Katy, Tx)

Classification Official Answer: Senior

Classification Snarky Answer: I’m a senior by credits, but a sophomore/junior by the level of classes I’m taking for my major. I’m just here until I leave at this point.

Major(s) and Minor(s): Music-Vocal Performance and Theology (Pre-Counseling Concentration)

Campus Involvements/Achievements/Roles: Student Worship Leader for Campus Ministry, Wellness Coordinator for the newly-revived Delta Alpha Delta sorority, and Member of the TLU Choir!

Plans for After Graduation: Either getting a Doctorate in Music Therapy, going to seminary, or both

Favorite Thing About Campus Ministry (or Dreams for Campus Ministry): It’s a very open and understanding space that wants to dream with the students, staff, and community that’s present. I’ve loved getting to be a part of a staff that wants to be in collaboration with the community and wants to bring the communal dreams to life in a way that benefits everyone! If I could dream anything for Campus Ministry, it would be working to find a safe space to meet those who have been hurt by religion. Oftentimes, those hurting are not comfortable in chapel spaces. If we can find a space to meet them, simply to sit with them in loving conversation and remind them they are still a loved and valued human being just as they are.

Favorite Inspiring Quote: “Our entire life—consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are” ~Jean Anouilh