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Students may seek counseling for assistance with changing environments, changing situations, stressful relationships, as well as other concerns and problems.

The university provides psychological help at no cost through Counseling Services, which is staffed with a licensed counselor and interns. All conversations are confidential.

The primary purpose of this department is to provide problem resolution and short-term, solution-focused therapy. Students who need long-term treatment, and/or more than four sessions per month, and/or specialty treatment should make arrangements to see community health professionals. For medication management, students may contact medical professionals in the Seguin area.

Counseling benefits include less anxiety, stress relief, better relationships, ability to set boundaries, and greater self-confidence. Students can access self-screening tools, resources, access to wellness newsletters or appointment scheduling all on the Counseling Services MyTLU page.

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TLU Counseling Services also provide problem resolution and short-term, solution-focused therapy, as well as mental health workshops and support groups like Better Together. Offered every Wednesday at 4 p.m. throughout the semester, Better Together specifically helps students learn how to deal with stress and mental health during a pandemic.

Please email for information and a link to join the discussion.

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