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TLU Dramatic Media Presents: The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail

7:30pm – 9:00pm
  • Weston Center Studio Theatre
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Rediscover the prescient insights of Henry David Thoreau in this dramatized imagining of his life, revealed while Thoreau sits in jail for refusing to pay taxes in protest of the Mexican-American War. Through flashbacks we learn of his work as a young teacher, his admiration of and friendship with Ralph Waldo Emerson, his time at Walden Pond, and the development of his thinking as a leading transcendentalist. The themes which consumed him could be ripped from current headlines. His thoughts on technology, materialism, degradation of the environment, racism, and war resonate in our own era. First produced at the height of tensions during the Vietnam War, the authors write that “Time is awash in this jail cell. We are not trapped in happenings past. The explosive spirit of Thoreau leaps across the years, addressing with power and clarity the perils of his own time and, prophetically, of ours as well.”

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