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Laughter For Life: Comedian Al Staggs

7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Chapel Of The Abiding Presence
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Comedic impersonator, poet, and performer Al Staggs demonstrates the importance of humor in improving human spiritual, emotional, and physical health. With amazing storytelling skills and use of life experiences in one-person theatre, Staggs portrays more than 30 current and historical characters. Perhaps laughter is some of the best medicine for each of us as we experience the “slings and arrows” of our everyday life.

Plan now to come together with your friends and family to enjoy life together, released from our usual stresses and strains. Although laughter may not erase all of the injustices, discriminations, racisms, COVID restrictions, illness, and anxieties that we face, wholesome laughter may help us together to endure and overcome them.

Sponsored and supported by: Brown Endowment Fund, Theology and Philosophy Restricted Fund, Cultural Understanding Fund, Guadalupe County Community Symposium, Department of Theology, Philosophy, and Classical Languages, Chapel of the Abiding Presence, and Campus Ministry.