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The Great Give 2014

April 04, 2014 all day

24-hour online giving campaign in support of TLU



Thank you for participating in The Great Give!

Grand Total: $63,062.61

Breaking News

Almost too many gifts to count!

Thank you to all our participants this year—we exceeded the amount we raised last year for a total of $59,005.51, but we're still counting last minute and pledged gifts. Stay tuned for the Grand Total to be announced!

Happy Hour for #tlugreatgive

As of 5 p.m., we've raised over $40,000 and we couldn't have done it without you!
Now that you're heading off to happy hour, consider making a gift for the same amount you would spend on a drink or snack. It's a great way to kickoff your weekend!

See who got a pie in the face!

Check Twitter to see photos of everyone who got a pie in the face for #tlugreatgive! We have a few more challenges to meet, so let's get giving!
A big THANK YOU to the Seguin community for your involvement—catch the MAYOR getting a pie in the face on Thursday, April 10 at noon at City Hall.

Over $30,000 at 3 p.m.

We reached $30,000 at 3 p.m., but there are still nine hours left for #tlugreatgive. We're nearly halfway to our goal!

NEW Challenge Gift!

We've just received ANOTHER challenge gift from Board of Regent Bob Oliver and his wife Karin. They will match the next $10,000 given today! Come on, Bulldogs, let's get to there before noon!

First Challenge Reached!

As of 10 a.m., we've reached our first challenge goal of $5,000. Board of Regent Susan Evers pledged to match up to $5,000 raised this morning and we've done it thanks to your help! Total is 11,690.13 and growing, but we need YOU to meet our final goal for this year's #TLUGreatGive!

Great Give 2014 Updates

Show your support on Social Media!

We have some great graphics you can use on social media to show your support for #tlugreatgive. Download a Facebook Cover image and Twitter Header image to help spread the word and you can share and retweet our images, too. Then there are hashtags—so much more than #tlugreatgive—that you can use year-round to talk about how much you love TLU.
Once you've given on Friday, don't forget to change your profile image to the "I Gave" button, or post the button on your timeline.

Best places to find posts to share and retweet this week:

  • Twitter: @TXLutheranFund
  • Facebook: TLU Alumni

Great Hashtags:

  • #TLUGreatGive
  • #TLUProud
  • #LearnBoldly
  • #Live2Inspire
  • #TLUGold

Update Your Facebook Cover

Change Your Twitter Header

Show Off Your "I Gave" Button

Pie in the Face Challenges are Pouring In!

Check out who could get a pie in the face if YOU participate in The Great Give on Friday, April 4.
The Mayor is even challenging the entire community!

Taylor Carleton, Director of Alumni Relations
Challenge: 10 Class of ’97 gifts during Great Give

Marie Paiz, Assistant Registrar and VA Certifying Official
Challenge: 10 gifts from Veterans during Great Give

Dr. Linda Wilson, Computer Science and Information Systems Professor
Challenges:15 gifts from Computer Science and Information Systems majors (current and alumni) and faculty

Beth Barry, English Lecturer
Challenge: 20 gifts from English majors (current and alumni) and faculty

Dr. John McClusky, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Challenge: 20 gifts from Chemistry majors (current and alumni) and faculty

Dr. Scott Bailey, Psychology Professor and Department Chair
Challenge: 20 gifts from Psychology majors (current and alumni) and faculty

Braxton Harris and Andy Padron, Football Coaching Staff
Challenge: 40 gifts from current football players

Becky Hruza, Administrative Assistant
Challenge: 40 gifts from TLU administrative assistants/support staff and physical plant staff workers.

Tom Oliver, VP for Enrollment Services
Challenge: 100% of Admissions and Financial Aid staff participate in Great Give

Derrick Collins, Director of Annual Giving
Challenge: 40 faculty/staff gifts during Great Give

Rick Roberts, VP for Development & Alumni Relations
Challenge: 55 faculty/staff gifts during Great Give

Seguin Mayor Don Keil
Challenge: 70 gifts from Seguin citizens during Great Give

Pie in the Face to Support Great Give

We want to encourage more participation from alumni, students, faculty and staff to help reach our goal for 2014, but we need your help.
We’re looking for faculty/staff volunteers to take a pie in the face when we reach participation and monetary goals throughout the 24-hour giving window.
This is a great way to get a quick whipped cream facial and support TLU at the same time.

How it works:
You volunteer to get a pie in the face.
We appeal to alumni, current students, faculty, staff and the community to help us reach participation or monetary goals.
When we reach a goal, you get a pie in the face.
You get to choose the goal and the group you want to challenge.

We have several different class years, majors, departments and organizations we can challenge to meet these goals, so we need as many volunteers as possible.

If you would like to challenge a specific group of people, let us know. We’ll spread the word and you can help by letting people know through your own social media channels.
Keep in mind, pie in the face photos are GREAT for getting likes and followers on social media, especially when it’s for a good cause.

Not sure what your challenge should be? Here are some ideas that might get your gears turning.
Remember, this is more about participation numbers than money numbers, so even $1 or $5 counts towards a Pie in the Face goal.
challenge people from your department/major
challenge people from another department/major on campus
challenge the students in the organization you advise
challenge the students in a specific course
challenge team members and coaches for a specific sport
challenge a specific class year (for example, Class of 2014)
challenge the entire student body
challenge all faculty and staff
challenge all alumni


How do I volunteer?
Email Derrick Collins with your name and association to TLU (title, class year, etc.), the group you'd like to challenge, and what the goal is for the challenge.

Can I nominate or volunteer another person?
Not really. You can propose the challenge to them and see if they're interested in volunteering, but you cannot volunteer them without their knowledge.

Do volunteers have to be present for the entire 24-hour campaign?
No. Most goals will need to be met during a normal work day/regular class hours to accommodate schedules. We will set up base in the Alumni Student Center and pie volunteers there. Stay close to campus during the day on Friday, April 4 so we can call you in when your challenge has been met.

Can I volunteer if I'm not on campus?
Sure! This just means you have to take a video of yourself getting a pie thrown in your face and share it on social media using #tlugreatgive and tag us.

What happens if my challenge isn't met?
No pie for you.

How do I decide how many people I should challenge?
Think of it as a percentage of the group you're challenging. For some groups, 5 people may be 100% of the group. For others, 5 people might only be 10%. You can make the challenge as reachable or unattainable as you like, but we'd really like to throw some pies.

Can I throw a pie?
Only if the person volunteering to get a pie in the face says you can. Otherwise, pies will be thrown by someone elected by the Great Give committee.

How will people know if they've been challenged?
We will list all of the challenges here on our Great Give webpage. You should also post your challenge on your social media accounts AND probably send an email out to the group you are challenging. We can help you get the word out to larger groups.

How will I know when my challenge has been met?
We will notify volunteers as their challenge is met and ask them to come to the ASC to receive their pie.

How will you keep track of all this?
If you want your gift to count towards a particular pie challenge, just let us know. The easiest way to tell us is to tweet @TXLutheranFund with #tlugreatgive and the challenge group info. We have reporting tools for class years we can reference as we're monitoring the overall gifts, but all other challenges must be self-reported.

What's the deadline for volunteering?
We would love it if all volunteers have submitted their names and challenges by Wednesday, April 2 at 5 p.m. However, we're not opposed the last minute challenges to boost participation!

What kind of pie is it?
It's really a plate full of whipped cream—no crust, no filling.


Mark your calendar for The Great Give!
Starting at midnight on Friday, April 4, you'll have 24 hours to show your support for the university in your community.
"Texas Lutheran University and Seguin are each special, but when combined they can be spectacular!" - Chris Lykins, Seguin Gazette

Support through campaigns like Great Give make events and services open to the greater Seguin community possible. For example, TLU hosts free concerts and events open to the public along with basic computer classes and tax preparation for the community. Each semester TLU goes out into the community for days of service and every month provides the mobile food pantry for those in need.

Show your support for these great offerings by attending free events and participating in The Great Give on April 4.

By supporting your hometown university, you're supporting your community.

Don't forget to visit on April 4 to support what matters to you.

Great Give Info

About Great Give

Mark your calendars for The Great Give! Texas Lutheran University will launch its virtual giving campaign starting at midnight on Friday, April 4, 2014. The Great Give is a 24-hour online giving campaign that will involve the entire campus and community in supporting TLU. The Great Give is an opportunity for TLU alumni, friends, students, faculty, staff and Seguin community to show support for this great university.

The Great Give was created to support all programs, students, faculty, and staff through The Texas Lutheran Fund. However, all gifts, regardless of designation will count toward participation in this campaign. Gifts of any size are welcome and will be accepted online at on April 4. Students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends of Texas Lutheran University and the Seguin community are encouraged to participate.

Using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as an event website, ensures that The Great Give has a strong web presence and allows the university community to spread the word and encourages others to participate. A virtual event means that there is not a single location, but virtually unlimited places from which to participate. You will be able to track the progress of the campaign via twitter @TXLutheranFund, #tlugreatgive and on The Great Give website. We will also send updates on dollars raised and the number of donors who have participated throughout the 24-hour period. “Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or another form of social media, many within the TLU community are tied to the university through an online network,” said Taylor Carleton, director of alumni relations.

While an online giving campaign is new to TLU, it is an idea that has gained momentum in philanthropic communities in Minnesota, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. “We want this campaign to be a fun and exciting way for the TLU and Seguin community to get involved in philanthropy, and we want to highlight the importance of philanthropic support and what it can do for TLU and the students that we serve,” said Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations Rick Roberts.

In 2012, over 300 donors gave through TLU’s secure online giving website totaling over $83,000 (51% increase over the previous year). Giving online is fast, easy, and secure. Online giving helps by cutting down on paper and postage costs which saves the university valuable resources and allows us to put your gifts to work in a more effective and productive manner.

“I encourage the entire TLU community to join in The Great Give,” said President Stuart Dorsey. “Over the course of 24 hours, everyone—students, faculty, staff and alumni—has the opportunity to impact this university by making an online gift.”

Great Give 2013

Texas Lutheran University thanks all of its supporters for making our first ever online giving campaign a success. After 24 hours tweeting, posting and gathering, we not only reached our goal, we exceeded it!

In its inaugural year, The Great Give brought in a grand total of $52,218.31, surpassing its goal of $50,000. With an average gift of $136.51, 236 donors were able to contribute to The Texas Lutheran Fund (TTLF) and various programs across campus. The largest amount of donations went towards the Annual Scholarship Fund, allowing more students to be recognized for their academic excellence. The generous donation of two $10,000 challenge gifts from the TLU Board of Regents provided a strong foundation for giving. Robin Melvin, Chair of the TLU Board of Regents, and board member Susan Evers both pledged to match $10,000 each during the March 1, 2013 event.